Strange title, I know. But hear me out. I realise several people share this line of thought and I wanted to see if someone else felt the same.

I see a lot of pet parents on social media. On Facebook, I follow several dog channels who make incredible videos. A lot of them have the idea of the pet parent quite strong. And it made me wonder what the difference is about living with a pet vs being a pet parent, and also made me wonder if I’d make a good one.

I’ve lived with a dog. Although I wouldn’t…

A cold and misty morning. The skies a redolent grey, having rained the night before. The scent of the damp mud tingles all the way to the forehead, the smell not the evanescent pleasance when the first drops grace the earth, but a caustic moss-ridden damp, evidence of a long spell of rain.

The tyres of the bicycle emit a steady sluishing sound from the wet roads. A thin trail emerges on the road by the traction of the relatively new tyres, and an occasional spray hits the feet as they’re pedalling through the deserted roads. It seems the rain…

A ray of light cascades the room. The room seems awash in white with reflections from the floor. And out towards the end, there lies a corner. A ridge, a break, a disruption.

Black shadows emerge from the bottom of the corner, their dark shards like stalactites after a storm. There is light and yet there is a strange darkness curving its way through the walls, embedding deep blemishes on the pristine white.

An entire world seems engulfed within, an unknowable bottomless pit, the silence of it a sinister, menacing growl. There is a symphony playing behind in the whites…

Image by Ganesh Chakravarthi

I answer a phone call. I respond to what my asker utters. Outside of the phone, I can hear water cascading over rocks, emitting a steady burble.

A stream flows beneath as I stop in the middle of a drive. Take stock of where I’ve been over the last few days. A distorted reflection stares back at me as I gaze into it while speaking. There is an image forming in my mind of who I see, but before it becomes whole, the water distorts. As if the body in the image is unable to hold form.

There’s a steady…

The feet drag him slowly. The weight of the body makes it harder, the inertia tugging him, making him experience a moment of limbo between pressure, pain, and pull.

It’s been a while. The familiar road feels alien, the familial building windows now a bunch of strangers staring at a newcomer. There was a strange determination in the morning and a nimbleness to his feet. They are absent now.

Used to be once the skies told him the time. Plans, schedules, tasks, all in a day’s work. The skies don’t speak to him now. There was a deep silence which…

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Reality is such a strange concept. There’s the lovely Physics that decodes the nature of reality per its theories, foundations, and ideas. Then there is the brain that twists this reality according to its own understanding, interpretation, and filters.

Our brain’s interpretations are so flimsy when compared to what exists. Distorted realities that people construct from their own experiences. I was contemplating a simple conversational exchange. You say a few words, another says a few more. You derive some meaning out of it, so do they, not necessarily the same.

In between, there exists a wall. A wall made of…

I have always been ambivalent about my birthday. There are some who make it all worthwhile. A small circle of friends who always show up no matter what. With cakes too.

The last year has been a very strange one. I hope to find some recuperation throughout this year, if possible.

There are many things I feel I should have finished by now, but unfortunately they only remain aspirations. One by one, someday, may they all come true, we'll see.

I suppose I always remain guarded about what's lying around the corner, a mindset you automatically develop when you have…

You must know victory-runes. If you want to know victory. Carve them into your sword’s hilt, on the blade guards and the blades, invoking Tyr’s name twice. — Sigrdrífumál

I love mythology. All forms, all cultures. The effect these stories would have had with the people of that era evokes great interest in me. There are lessons, parables, and reflections that can help us better understand our world, better analyse our actions, and ground us in a world unbound.

What is life but a series of inevitable occurrences? Our planning, execution, and vision fall meaningless in the macrocosm of existence. Meaning is something we derive for ourselves trying to make sense of our limited perceptions employing our organs, language, and actions. Were these anymore than rationalising our emotional puzzle…

The shift to online work has changed conversational style to monologuing

Months since a portion of humankind moved to online work. As someone who works in the content and communications field, the sudden shift has been equal parts satisfying and disappointing.

Satisfying in that I have the privilege and the option to work from home. Disappointing because going outdoors and meeting people is what I love the most about my work.

One thing that hasn’t escaped my notice though is the changing nature of conversations, both in our personal lives and around our workplaces. A casual chat near the pantry, nodding to a fellow who works in the same premises but…

Kafka’s field day if he was still alive.

Strange times we live in. Stranger people we interact with evermore. Metamorphosis, the age-old concept immortalised in literature by Franz Kafka seems most relevant today.

The word ‘Kafkaesque’ has been overused to the point of abuse, as is often with literary trends. Today, however, concepts of surreal, imaginative, and the absurd coalesce together as if it’s daily business.

There comes a time when a person’s search for meaning becomes the driving force behind their lives. When individuality, place in society, and in work, defines a significant portion of their lives. So used do they become to their subjective realities that…

Ganesh Chakravarthi

Cyclist, Guitarist, Writer, Editor, Tech and Heavy Metal enthusiast — Jack of many trades, pro in two.

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